Finding the balance between excellence and excess

This article was originally featured on I received an interesting email from a friend this week. His church is the hub of a few satellite churches in his area. The main campus is completely tricked out with every toy a tech geek could imagine. They run the services like a massive game show, crossbred […]

Seven ways to make better equipment purchases

This article was originally published in Church Production Magazine. I have the distinction of being that freak who has crossed over multiple boundaries. I spent my time as a road dog, hired gun tech. I spent time as a studio grunt, later as a small studio owner. I spent time in the design and installation […]

The benefits of buying used gear

Over the course of my life, I have survived as a scavenger. My own dad, once, called me “the possum king.” A guy who can always find a way to survive. A guy who can live off the stuff nobody else sees value in. Not a title I want to wear, but it kinda fit. […]

Common Sense 101. Get a job. Get paid.

The purpose of this site is, mainly, coaching the younger guys into full time production. I realized how much I didn’t teach the guys I mentored. Some of this is good for any career. Like this one. We have had a few breakthroughs, with the work situations around here, recently. My oldest daughter got the […]

The Ministry of Tech

When I was younger, I wanted to be involved in ministry. I felt called. I wanted to give back and do something great for this new faith I had found. I wanted to respond to this great love from God that now made sense. Like most ambitious young men, I assumed that preaching and full […]

Why are my kids growing up so fast?

As of this moment, we have four kids ages 28, 23, 15 and 12. I honestly regret the way I handled most of my years as a father. My career ambitions and decisions left them behind too many times. Even when I had time available for them, I often found some pointless distraction to fill […]

Learning to Enjoy the Ride

Part of my evolution into a guy who isn’t a complete idiot, has been a regular date night every week. We try to find new things to do, or at least return to the things we really enjoyed. Don’t want to waste a date. If it’s lame, it doesn’t happen twice. Last night involved several […]

The Busiest Guy in the Church

This was originally published at In case you haven’t noticed, I write to men. There are plenty of ladies who read my stuff, for one reason or another, but I aim my stuff at men. Why? Because I are one. Duh. I write from the perspective of a guy who made an insane amount […]

The Highly Influential Life of a Tech

From 1998 through 2003, I worked as a freelance tech with Capital AV. Their primary client I worked for was Prison Fellowship and the OSL-Operation Starting Line program. We worked shows inside prisons for the inmates. We also did fundraisers and other events for them. It was one of the best experiences of my life. […]

Tech Director Torture: An Engineer in the Audience

This was originally featured at I have a confession to make. I am terrible in the audience. Sorry. It’s just a fact. It wasn’t always like this. Back when I was an amateur musician, music lover, young Christian and uninformed about the tech side. Before recording school, I heard the song and music. After […]

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