The tale of the territorial sound man

This was originally featured at There’s a special disease that only techs carry. I covered this issue, in detail, in my Soundcheck book. It’s something I refer to as “TSS.” Territorial Soundman Syndrome.” It’s when I don’t really know what I am doing, but refuse to allow anyone else to touch my rig. (And, […]

Preparing for the next level

There was a time when I had to make a decision. I was considering the possibility of taking my business to the next level. I went through the equipment leasing and financing options. Based on market demand and my own needs, I was considering a massive gear purchase. The pro audio environment had a hole […]

The reality of taking a leap of faith

As a Christain, I can say this without much reservation. Most of us do really stupid stuff. On top of that, most of us do that stupid stuff, while claiming that God told us to do it. Admit it. You’ve done it, too. Let me be a little more specific. The infamous “leap of faith.” […]

Church tech nightmares. Facing the musicians.

It’s not easy, being a tech. We face a barrage of challenges, every time we enter the room. Most often, it’s our diplomatic skills, more than our mixing skills that keep us alive. We must stay focused, and effective, while encountering one ridiculous situation after another. If you have mixed for more than nine minutes, […]

The secret of effective troubleshooting

This was originally published at Ok. So I was asked to explain the basics of troubleshooting. Well, it’s hard to boil a lifetime of tech work, down to just a few words. So, maybe you just need to understand, clearly, what your objective really is. The objective is to solve a problem and make […]

Perfect productions. Mastering transition.

In 2002, through a string of odd circumstances, I was given the opportunity to produce a large Christmas show. Our church had secured a nationally known singer, to feature, for a large choral production. However, six weeks before the show, the star fell from the sky. She couldn’t make it. By pure coincidence, I had […]

Finding the balance between excellence and excess

This article was originally featured on I received an interesting email from a friend this week. His church is the hub of a few satellite churches in his area. The main campus is completely tricked out with every toy a tech geek could imagine. They run the services like a massive game show, crossbred […]

Seven ways to make better equipment purchases

This article was originally published in Church Production Magazine. I have the distinction of being that freak who has crossed over multiple boundaries. I spent my time as a road dog, hired gun tech. I spent time as a studio grunt, later as a small studio owner. I spent time in the design and installation […]

The benefits of buying used gear

Over the course of my life, I have survived as a scavenger. My own dad, once, called me “the possum king.” A guy who can always find a way to survive. A guy who can live off the stuff nobody else sees value in. Not a title I want to wear, but it kinda fit. […]

Common Sense 101. Get a job. Get paid.

The purpose of this site is, mainly, coaching the younger guys into full time production. I realized how much I didn’t teach the guys I mentored. Some of this is good for any career. Like this one. We have had a few breakthroughs, with the work situations around here, recently. My oldest daughter got the […]

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