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I write about what I know. Not always politically correct, not alway with proper grammar. The real purpose of my blogs, is to save you some headaches by learning stuff from my mistakes.

This blog is about things I learned during my career in the pro audio world. It’s free advice. Take it or leave it. No problem. Planning to bait some other veterans in for their 2 cents worth. Check back regularly, or hit that fancy follow button.

The other blog is about things I learned the hard way with my marriage and family.

Both require me to be open and honest about my mistakes. They also give me a chance to tell the world about something that I have seen work. I don’t claim to be perfect or even an expert. Just a guy who is trying to be a better man than he was before.

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I am open to running articles from guest bloggers. Send me a link to something appropriate and I will consider it. Prefer original material that has not been published yet. Contact me for details.

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Everything on this site is technically protected by copyright. I have no problem with reposting of my material, I actually appreciate the support. However, I do ask for a few considerations.

Please give credit, including my name and website, whenever reposting anything. I have run across several sites using my material without giving me credit. It's worse when someone takes credit for something I wrote.

Please contact me whenever reposting my material. I just like to see where it is being used.

Please do not repost artwork from my site. I have specific agreements with the art providers. You may be in copyright violation by using it. I can't be responsible for that.

Please leave all links active whenever possible. Most links send traffic to books I sell and other people we support. Disabling these links defeats the purpose of sharing them.

This site is for your benefit. I am offering years of hard earned lessons free of charge. Please honor my requests here. Keep in mind that I am still a LegalShield associate and have the most amazing team of attorneys backing me.
I hope I never need to use them over any of this.


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2 Responses to“Contact Erik”

  1. September 18, 2014 at 7:06 pm #

    Eric- Regarding your article in CPM “getting qualified advise”, I am surprised that you bother to mention
    crooks and music store sales people in the sentence. I doubt that there are no more crooks in sales businessthen there are in the Church business.
    Also I am surprised that a seasoned vetern like yourself would think that serious Churches buy their gear at music stores. There are actually pro audio stores out there like Full Compass, Sweetwater and Sound Productions that sell most of the sound , lighting and video that ends up in Churches. And yes, they are all professional commishioned sales consultants .

    • September 18, 2014 at 8:06 pm #

      Thanks for the comments.
      As far as crooks, sure, they are everywhere. But, since I was referring to gear purchases, I mentioned sales folks since they are the ones taking the money. I haven’t bought much directly from the church.
      I understand your thoughts about serious churches. However, the average church runs about 120 seats. In Georgia, where most of my work was done, the local music stores are where they can find someone to help with their purchases. Probably 75% of the churches I installed for, were rural churches on limited budgets. Honestly, our average installation was less than $5000. It was pretty rare to break $25k on those churches. They were serious enough about their ministries, but they didn’t have large enough rooms, or enough experience with the gear, to justify more impressive systems. Everything had to be user friendly for a volunteer crew.
      I also worked with crews that wouldn’t consider an installation unless the church had half a million to spend. While I understand the need for systems on that level, most churches can’t justify it.
      The music store I worked with, brought me in specifically to develop a pro audio division. That job lasted about a year. That particular store has helped hundreds of local churches make solid decisions and buy the best gear their budget would allow.

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