The secret of effective troubleshooting

This was originally published at Ok. So I was asked to explain the basics of troubleshooting. Well, it’s hard to boil a lifetime of tech work, down to just a few words. So, maybe you just need to understand, clearly, what your objective really is. The objective is to solve a problem and make […]

Perfect productions. Mastering transition.

In 2002, through a string of odd circumstances, I was given the opportunity to produce a large Christmas show. Our church had secured a nationally known singer, to feature, for a large choral production. However, six weeks before the show, the star fell from the sky. She couldn’t make it. By pure coincidence, I had […]

Finding the balance between excellence and excess

This article was originally featured on I received an interesting email from a friend this week. His church is the hub of a few satellite churches in his area. The main campus is completely tricked out with every toy a tech geek could imagine. They run the services like a massive game show, crossbred […]

Seven ways to make better equipment purchases

This article was originally published in Church Production Magazine. I have the distinction of being that freak who has crossed over multiple boundaries. I spent my time as a road dog, hired gun tech. I spent time as a studio grunt, later as a small studio owner. I spent time in the design and installation […]

The benefits of buying used gear

Over the course of my life, I have survived as a scavenger. My own dad, once, called me “the possum king.” A guy who can always find a way to survive. A guy who can live off the stuff nobody else sees value in. Not a title I want to wear, but it kinda fit. […]

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