A Quick “Thank You” for all the Support and Encouragement


Here’s one for the shameless self promotion department….

Entertainment Technology Asia has me in the featured tech article. Pages 64 and 65 are mine. Including the latest hideous mug shot.

Page 6 also got me a mention from the editor. She threw my name into the same sentence as Big Mick Hughes from Metallica. Kinda humbling.

It’s an even bigger deal to me because it’s not the only place this month.
I was also featured in Church Production this month, a piece called Tech Director Torture, an Engineer in the Audience.

From my other blog, I was featured in another piece from WholeFamilyStrong.com called Toddler Logic 101.

All in all it’s been a busy month already. Two more writing projects go live in a few days. Developing another website for my daughter, the future legendary artist. Taxes done. Another book in the works. Yeah. That’s me. The guy who doesn’t sit still very well.

Thanks for the support guys. Never expected this much attention or response from a blog like this. Your questions and comments keep this thing in motion. Keep them coming.

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