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I read a book, many years ago, about minding your own business. It’s about learning to manage yourself and your small business. At the time, I didn’t have one. But I was ambitious.

During a serious financial situation, a pastor told me my options for getting out of the hole. We could cut expenses or increase income. Yeah. Simple enough. Obvious stuff. We were already living slightly more extravagantly than the folks at the local homeless shelter. Not by much. We had no expenses left to cut.

We figured, if we wanted to continue our ritzy lifestyle of sleeping indoors and eating, we had to increase our income. So, we began a long process of failed home businesses. We tried two or three different network marketing companies. None of them made enough money to break even. We lost money on all of them.

I went into freelance audio work, which did really well, when the work was there. Eventually, we setup a small production company and studio. It made enough to keep us from starvation and eviction, but barely. My head wasn’t on straight in those days. I made a lot of really bad decisions and wasted a lot of money. That adventure lasted about 12 years. We ended up losing it all.

I was forced into eBay. After a falling out with my main client, we lost about 85% of our income in one day. That’s the legendary “ten minute” story. If I had kept my cool for 10 more minutes, it never would have happened. After a few days of wandering in my mind, I tried eBay. I sold almost every piece of gear I had accumulated over the previous ten years.

We still work with eBay. It’s been good to us. But, between eBay and PayPal, the fees and time commitment make it unrealistic as a full time gig for me. We still do ok, but it’s just too much effort, for too little return. I will keep using it, but not depending on it for my primary income.

So, now what? What is my business?

Hey, glad you asked. These blogs are something that I have become very passionate about. Therapeutic actually. Something about exposing all my failures has helped me get past them. Knowing that all those bad years weren’t a complete waste makes it more bearable. The idea that some of you guys are making better decisions and treating your families better make me feel like I accomplished something.

I am calling this work of writing, my business. This is what I do. I still work outside the house… In the sun or rain… Five days a week… All day long. It’s very physical work. It’s work that I know my body doesn’t want to do for twenty more years. So, I have to build up the other business to replace that one. If I want this to be more than a hobby, it has to produce income. If it isn’t making money, it’s not a business.

Blogging pays nothing. Not a cent. You make money, as a blogger, by using that exposure to generate money. Advertising, sales, affiliate links and stuff like that. If you notice the list of images on this site, those are all from companies that pay for being on here. They don’t pay anything if nobody clicks and buys. (Hint)

I wrote a book, that pays me directly on every sale. One burst of energy that pays forever. I spent about two months getting that book together, two well spent months. I never have to do anything else with it. It will continue to pay me from now on. That was a good investment. That’s called residual income. Work once, paid repeatedly. That’s the plan.

Another group of links over there is from LegalShield, is MY business, too. I got involved with them during the early stages of the divorce. My friend, Joel Davisson, introduced me to them. I was a customer first. They took such amazing care of me and did so much more than I expected. I was completely blown away. They impressed me so much that I looked into getting involved.

I found out that they pay the highest commissions of any other network marketing format company we ever worked with before. They also pay as residuals. Those accounts keep paying for as long as they renew. We could get paid forever from this. They offer a free family will if you do it in the first 60 days of the membership. They offer virtually unlimited counsel from the best attorneys in the country and Canada. They have all the same documents as those online legal form guys, and it’s free with your membership. They have the best Identity Theft Protection program in the country. It’s almost unbelievable how much they give with them membership.

They also have small business plans that include a membership in Fran Tarkenton’s GoSmallBiz.com site. Those plans include an incredible amount of resources for starting and managing your own business. I can’t imagine being without my LegalShield membership. It’s just too valuable.

For those of you who are reading my stuff regularly, please click one of the LegalShield links at some point. It’s the part time business that will enable me to go full time with the writing. It’s also a great opportunity for any of you looking for a part time home business. There’s a whole lot of people who do it full time now. It pays really well for those who are willing to learn it and work it.

There was a point where I was concerned about mixing the blogs with the LegalShield business. There’s always some concern about “chasing two butterflies” and catching neither. Once I understood how many people are losing jobs, losing houses, facing divorce, facing bankruptcy and so many other legal problems; I knew I had to share it on here. Families need access to this. The average person faces a legitimate legal issue every five years and needs counsel at least once every year. At an average of $300 per hour, most of us can’t afford it. So we just lose.

I don’t lose. I don’t get bullied. I don’t get ripped off. I don’t have to put up with any of that. I just call my attorney and let them do it. And I do it for less than $20 per month. Just watch the two minute video on my LegalShield site and see how it works.

Thank you for suffering through this post. I needed to share it. That’s my big commercial for the year. Now, back to those obnoxious tirades you know and love. Thanks guys.

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