The Making of a Sound Guy

Yeah. So, I was thinking this week about my experiences before I got into audio as a career. I should have seen it coming. Seems like I was pretty much doomed to go into pro audio. I realize that most of my audience is made up of church techs. Keep in mind that I wasn’t […]

Minding Your Own Business

I read a book, many years ago, about minding your own business. It’s about learning to manage yourself and your small business. At the time, I didn’t have one. But I was ambitious. During a serious financial situation, a pastor told me my options for getting out of the hole. We could cut expenses or […]

Protecting Your Assets

I wanted to throw out a few things that are pretty important. This is a crazy business to work in, but not known for being dangerous. Bad stuff happens in any job, but there’s a few things that this particular industry in known for. Here’s my list of things you need to be careful to […]

Managing the Stress of Ministry

During my time on church staff, I experienced stress. Not the “I hate my job” stress. Not the “I wish I could do something different” stress. More like the “my life is one torturous anxiety attack after another” stress. Something like that. I am not blaming anyone or complaining here. I made some ridiculous mistakes, […]

Prepared to Survive

I worked with a guy, in my early days as a tech, who we referred to as “the little nazi.” He was an arrogant, obnoxious, argumentative, know-it-all, pain in the butt. He aggravated us and went out of his way to make life difficult. He criticized me and singled me out. He got irritated with […]

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