The view from monitor beach

This was originally featured at During my time on the road, I spent most shows on monitor beach. That’s the road dog term for the huge land mass on the side of the stage occupied by the monitor monkey and his toys. I never understood the beach concept. Beach implies relaxation, sunshine, tranquility… Stuff […]

A Teachable Desire to Improve

The edited version of this article is featured on What would you say is the most valuable skill in our industry? Robert Scovill said, when he is considering an employee, he wants to see an innate understanding of signal flow and a good attitude. I agree. Absolutely. But, if I dare add to his […]

Official press release for

This is what we are calling our official press release. This one has been edited from a previous version that was sent out without a few corrections. For those of you who are reproducing my articles on your sites. Thanks for the support. For sound tech newbies who can only wonder what life is like […]

An obnoxious response to the easily offended

There’s the intelligent, non-confrontational side of me that is suggesting I stop writing this one now. That rational, well mannered side says that nothing good will come from this. That side isn’t assertive enough. Sorry. The other side of me is where my ADHD, obnoxious attitude and slightly arrogant mess runs rampant. That’s the side […]

The missing link

This article was originally published at I am looking for the missing link. Not the infamous key to connecting humans to monkeys or squids or whatever. I am looking for that missing connection that can make or break a service and sometimes an entire ministry. There are certain critical elements involved in a successful […]

How do I develop a tech crew?

I get direct emails sometimes, asking how I would handle various situations. Some are simple, just one question. Some require more thought. I like to take the complicated or elaborate ones public. That way everyone can applaud my genius response, or figure out that I really am a knucklehead. “I’m leading a team of volunteers […]

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