Five Things the New Guy Needs to Understand

This article was originally published at First off, I am not making this up. Someone once snapped at me, while I was running around, desperately trying to prepare for an event. “What’s so hard about being the sound guy? All you have to do is make it loud enough and keep it from feeding […]

The big ministry inside the big shows

Many years ago, we hosted a three day worship arts conference. Not like the conferences I was paid to do, traveling around the country with large budgets and excessive amounts of gear. This one confined me to my home church, with no budget or warehouse full of audio toys. It would prove to be a […]

Unreasonable Service

Fifteen years. That’s how long I was on the last church tech crew I worked with. Fifteen long years. Four of those were as the staff Media Director. Paid position. Already covered most of those details in earlier posts, not going too deep here. The moment when I had to step down, as a staff […]

Still Learning Stuff the Hard Way

Ok. Back to business. I will save you the next ten minutes by telling you that there is absolutely no tech in this article. None. Just more stories of really bad business decisions and what I learned the hard way. Ok? If you remember my article about learning to see opportunities, you will remember the […]

A letter to the pastor, from the tech crew

Guys, there’s stuff that needs to be said, but you can’t say it. I don’t mind doing it. As a guy who spent about seven years as church staff and fifteen years behind the church mixer, here’s a few things I wish pastors understood. Pastor. As your tech crew we need you to understand our […]

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