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Writing this blog gives me an unusual platform. I get to speak to people from every side of the production world. Christians and non-Christians. Americans, Canadians, Aussies and Swedes are my largest audience. I don’t take it lightly that you guys surrender a portion of your time every time I get the urge to spout off some ADHD driven rant. I greatly appreciate your support.

One of the main people who opened doors for me and made this entire blog possible is Larry Howard. He is still an influence and helps to promote my stuff. Occasionally, like now, you will get updates on what he is working on. Here’s the latest. Feel free to contact him and get involved. All this free advice started with him anyway.

From Larry…..

My friends,

It seems like only a brief time ago I was traveling the world living the life of a rock star being young and stupid.
I thought I had the world by the tail not realizing the world was slowly sucking the life out of me.
The world succeeded on August 20, 1980.
I lay dying on an operating table and when I breathed my last breath I cried out to God to save me and boy did He ever.
I left that hospital on August 21 a new creature in Christ.
It seems like only a brief time ago I began this journey to tell the world what had happened to me and more importantly it could happen to them too.
The reality is it wasn’t a short time ago I’ll be 64 years old in March.
People ask if I could go back what would I change? My answer is always..”I wouldn’t change a thing”! My life before Christ and my life in Christ has brought me to where I am today and I like that!

I was told in 2006 I had MAYBE three years left to live without a liver transplant because of Hepatitis C infection. Guess what..this ain’t no ghost writing to you today! :-)
Doctors are still scratching their heads. They say now my liver is in good shape except for platelet counts which remain very low.
I’m still alive and still proclaiming The Gospel and I intend, with God’s permission, to keep it up for a long time.

My hands are in bad shape and the thumb joint replacement I had done in March has failed. I will be at the surgeons office on Tuesday to schedule a date for a “do over”. I’m very tired of all the attacks but I learned a long time ago the evil one will somewhat leave you alone as long as The Gospel isn’t on your tongue. SO I fight back and God shows up to defend me. I ain’t finished yet.

It’s no secret it takes money to continue our assault on the darkness and to continue to `fight the the good fight of faith.
The Gospel and Salvation is free for anyone who will but delivery of the Good News is expensive.
God is not The Federal Reserve and does not print money.
The good news is He depends on His people to fiance His work and blesses each one of you accordingly.

It is the end of the year and a new year is around the corner.
We are in critical need of fiances.
We just finished five nights in a row in prison and have eight more prisons dates in December.
We will be doing Gospel concerts in prison in 2014 as well as the G3 Unite Tour. (more on G3 later)
We have exhausted all of our funds, Ministry and personal.
I absolutely hate asking for money but my printing press is broken and The Feds won’t let me use theirs.
At times the money factor is funny to me in a weird way until a prison ask me to come and I have to say no because of funds.
I’m asking once again for your financial help before December rolls around. You just can’t imagine what an encouragement it is
to start a new year with at least start up cost for 2014.

We spend your gifts wisely. Peg and I actually live below the poverty level on purpose. We are solvent personally and ministry wise. All we need is to continue in the Mission Field until God says stop. He has assured me “I ain’t Finished Yet”

Will you send a sizable gift so we can book another fruitful year for The Cause Of Christ?

Omega Arts is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your gifts.
You can send a check or donate online securely at

Please pray for Peggy and I we need it. Also share this letter with a friend.

I’m excited to see what God has to say to each of you. Really I am!
Galatians 6:9 “Do not grow weary in well doing because if you faint not you will reap at the proper time.”

Larry Howard
Omega Arts, Inc
4987 Lakeland Harbor Blvd
Lakeland, Florida 33805

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