Three Keys for a Successful Tech Rehearsal

This article was originally published at Just when you think you have it all under control, they change the game. You have been mixing the Sunday morning services and specials. You accommodate the occasional guest musician or evangelist swinging a guitar around. You are getting pretty good at this stuff. But then…. Someone decides […]

Another update on one of my mentors

Writing this blog gives me an unusual platform. I get to speak to people from every side of the production world. Christians and non-Christians. Americans, Canadians, Aussies and Swedes are my largest audience. I don’t take it lightly that you guys surrender a portion of your time every time I get the urge to spout […]

Five Tips for Surviving the Christmas Show

This article was originally published at It’s that time of year again, kiddies. The annual Christmas production. That great opportunity to develop your character even more than usual. That time when we all figure out exactly how patient and mature we actually are. Yeah. Love it. One of the toughest battles you will fight, […]

Up and running without spending a fortune

I have intentionally kept these pieces low tech. There are just too many excellent writers who are covering the tech side of this world. I am not planning to change this format. This whole gig started after reconnecting with an old friend. The same way another old guy coached me through the basics and showed […]

Working with a madman

Part of the fun in this business, is all the oddball characters you get to work with. I have been thinking about some of the ridiculous comments and logic I have heard over the years. Not including mine here, those are separate stories. Working a musical variety show several years ago, I met a videographer […]

The truth about nickels and dimes

So the joke goes like this. A young boy is being teased on the school playground. The other kids think he is stupid. One kid says he can prove how stupid this boy is. He takes two coins out of his pocket and shows the kid a nickel in one hand and a dime in […]

Solving the mystery of the disappearing audience

Yes. I am old enough to remember the first generation of Sesame Street shows. They were crude and not impressive in their production. But the kids still loved them. Even though the production was poorly lit, the sound was rough and some of the puppets were outright scary looking, it was a great start and […]

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