Patiently pondering the perfect purchase

When we started out, we tried to make some carefully planned purchasing decisions. Fresh out of recording school, wanting to make a living at this, but not enough cash to go buy everything we needed. Time to get resourceful. I think it was a more realistic route than we intended. I had enough cash to […]

The job application for a pro audio career

I am convinced that there should be an asylum, not a retirement home, waiting for retired techs. What person in their right mind would take on a career like this? What would a realistic job application for a tech look like? Application for entry level tech to spend their life in this business Do you […]

Expecting to get lucky

I have been thinking about random stuff lately. Stuff that worked great and shouldn’t have, stuff that should have been amazing and wasn’t. Wish I had a magic formula for knowing when I could bend the rules of nature or see the future. Life might have been easier. Sometimes, we just throw stuff out there […]

The kiss of death

That’s how I referred to certain things over the years. The kiss of death. After a few years, you will start to see the patterns. Working as a hired gun sound guy. Working festivals, rallies, conferences, state fairs or whatever. Band after band, singer after singer. Just taking the goofiness in stride. Trying to finish […]

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