Invitation for guest bloggers

Yes. It is time.

I am looking for some additional perspectives on this business. You guys have patiently listened to all my rants, plenty more coming. But, there are a lot of you guys who have seen things that I haven’t.

Keep the general theme in mind. This is an outlet for coaching folks through the business of audio production. Whether you are a church guy, club tech, studio monkey or weathered road dog, you have stories, too.

Most of us learn the hard way. Otherwise we would have more logical jobs. Right?

I wrote my book and this blog to help people avoid the stupid stuff. My years in pro audio were very hard on my family. Almost lost them. Read those stories at the other blog.

So. If you have some advice that will make life better or easier, lets hear it. If you have some story of solving a major dilemma or some great mystery, we are listening.

I will consider any submissions, might not be able to publish everything. Use the contact form up top. Send me ideas for articles or links to existing articles. Include as much information on the contact for as you can. Love to hear from you guys.

I wrote “a book” but not “the book.” I gladly admit that I don’t know everything. Offering you guys the opportunity to teach me a few things.

Thanks again for all your support.

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