There are no excuses

There are no excuses. It either happens or it doesn’t. Period. I could probably just quit there. That’s the point, but I should probably throw in a story or two. Right? Ok. Simple competition gig inside a large arena. Just a few mains and subs, wireless mics and tracks, lighting, banners, etc. Six am load […]

How to lose everything in one easy step

In the fall of 2008, I was called to set a stage for another legendary artist. He had a twenty piece band backing him with a handful of backup singers. He travelled with his road manager who also mixed front of house for him. The road manger met me early for load in and made […]

Another fine fiasco

It’s about customer service. Really. When you think about it. All business is about customer service. We have to make people happy. Happy people write checks. Unhappy people don’t like writing checks and eventually stop. Going to throw another story at you here. I was hired to run a show in the other side of […]

Blind ambition

I feel the need to throw out a warning message. Concerned that some of you guys are missing some critical understanding. Hope I can pull this one together. Today my youngest daughter turns 15. That’s a big deal. She qualifies for a learners permit. She separates herself from the kids who don’t get to drive […]

The separation of tech and stage

In 2002, I had an awesome opportunity. I was on staff with a large church and wanted to produce a variety show. Just something I had always wanted to do. The church was open to considering whatever I was wanting to do. It got very open, very quickly, when our big Christmas performance cancelled in […]

Invitation for guest bloggers

Yes. It is time. I am looking for some additional perspectives on this business. You guys have patiently listened to all my rants, plenty more coming. But, there are a lot of you guys who have seen things that I haven’t. Keep the general theme in mind. This is an outlet for coaching folks through […]

The Art of the Soundcheck book is ready!

Just an update. The book is done. Going to include the link to my smash words site. The book covers some of the same things you read on here. It also includes a lot of stuff that will never show up here. This book will, hopefully, enable me to focus more time on the writing […]

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