Learning to see opportunities

I am writing this while aggravated. Might not be a good idea. We will see. Currently, I have someone working for me, in a separate industry. He is making me crazy. If his story wasn’t the same one as a few others before, we wouldn’t be working out this mess in an article. But, let’s […]

The new kid

I had a conversation with a guy a while back, that he didn’t seem to get. Young guy. Actually the youngest guy we had working with us. He didn’t like being called a kid. He was 19 and pretty well convinced he knew as much as everyone else. He felt like he deserved respect from […]

A request for Amazon shoppers and coffee drinkers

Yeah, I am gonna do it. Asking for some help here. We don’t get paid for any of this stuff, yet. Even though all the writing projects consume about an hour or two of my life every day. Two blogs are a lot more work than I thought. Not asking for donations. Just a favor. […]

How do I get control of my room?

By request, I am going to share some solutions we found to common situations. Churches and clubs both have similar issues. Sound systems under high demand, low budgets, inadequately trained techs and usually unprofessional talent. The problem with the talent is often, they don’t understand reality. I have, without making this stuff up, watched singers […]

Keeping it under control

Diplomacy is a huge part of production. We have to find ways to communicate with people to keep things moving. Human egos and attitudes will quickly find a way to derail a show. You can’t contribute to the problem. Performers and musicians generally have enough ego and attitude for everyone. When those attitude issues show […]

My Quest for Independence

I have spent most of the last 25 years operating in partial or complete self employment. There’s plenty of reasons for it. Thought it was about time to throw out a few thought about that journey. My grandfather was a company man. Hard worker his whole life, but always working for someone else. His one […]

Proper planning prevents poor performance

Churches without properly trained techs, or carefully planned systems, end up in a downward spiral of technical problems. Virtually every time. They started out with a new systems once. They started out with properly motivated techs. Everything worked like it was supposed to. It sounded pretty good. Everything worked. It was pretty simple to operate. […]

War stories. Some experiences as an installer.

I am finishing up the soundcheck book. Hope to release it in a few weeks. Wanted to throw a few things out there, from the book. Calling these war stories. Probably going to have a lot more of these posted over time. ——————————— Do your homework on every piece of gear you buy. If you […]

Stage plots, riders and input lists

The paperwork. Stage plots, riders, input list, schedules, order of service, etc. Anything that covers details of the event needs to be in your hand BEFORE the soundcheck. I like to see them several days before whenever possible. Don’t assume that the paperwork stays constant. Band members change, shows change, gear gets replaced, new material […]

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