Some news about one of my mentors

I have never posted anything like this on my blog, may never do it again. Don’t freak out.
One of the men who took me under his wing and got me started in the production world is having problems. Larry Howard has been mentioned in my blog several times. He is one of the main reasons this blog even exists. Without his influence, I would have never gotten into pro audio.
He is a former member of the band “Grinderswitch,” classic southern rock. He toured with the Allman Brothers for about nine years. He has been on the road with Prison Fellowship for as long as I can remember. He is just a good man. He has devoted his life to making life better for others. He has changed more inmates, bikers and musicians into people with a future than anyone else I know. His ministry is suffering due to multiple surgeries and hospital stays.
I am going to post the letter I just got from him. If this blog has helped you in any way, please help me support a good man who made it possible. Thank you.

Circuit Rider Update

This is an update on my ongoing journey to rebuild my hands and extend the useful life of the very tools I have been given to deliver Faith and Hope and yes music.

Unfortunately I have had to have a lot of surgery through the years. Fortunately they have all been successful. Why me? I don’t know, never thought about it in those terms. All I know for sure … it has deepened my passion, compassion, and patience. It has made me more reflective about Hope, Faith, and reality.

Most of you know this but when I arrived to have the thumb joints on both hands replaced the surgery center said I had to pick one or the other. I told them the doctor said he would do both at the same time. After conferring with the doctor they informed me the doctor never intended to do both hands but told me he would to get me to…well basically to shut up.

I’m a person that ALWAYS believes I know what is best for me and I was VERY disappointed.

I want to publicly thank Dr. William Barnes for his medical wisdom but most of all for handling my stupidly in a caring and loving way.

If I had prevailed I would have been totally disabled for several months and Peggy would have been burdened beyond what I could have ever have imagined not to mention I would have injured myself or someone else.

I was wrong but thank God my doctor and friend intervened.

I had another surgery last week on my right index finger so I’m typing with stitches in my palm. The surgery on my left hand has been postponed until my right hand is completely healed.

Soooo….I’m making plans to go to The Sturgis, SD Motorcycle Rally to play on the “Music For The Soul” stage for four days. This is a great venue to present The Gospel right on Main Street through music during bike week. I had to cancel last year because of my hands. Pray I’ll make it to the end.

The weekend before July 4th I had the opportunity to help Prison Fellowship sign up children of inmates to receive Christmas gifts through Angel Tree.

I did seven concerts in four days in four different cities. Even Peggy was concerned about me trying to play guitar after not being able to play at all since the surgery in March. As I began to play I saw a very welcome smile on her face confirming her relief and assuring me it was sounding fine.

I’m back at it folks, Katy bar the door!

Our bills are pilling up. Peggy was in the hospital for five days with a severe lung infection. That wasn’t on the radar at all. She was in the hospital and I was in a cast.

We had originally let everyone know we needed to raise about $25,000 to cover medical expenses and basic salary. People have been very generous but we are way short of that figure. We are still over $12,000 short of that figure.

We are not asking friends to pay our bills but we need to raise money to support Omega Arts and our efforts to bring Hope, Faith and Peace.

We receive a small salary from Omega Arts, Inc

We haven’t been able to receive a regular salary for the last four years due to a tight economy and a decline in donations. Simply put…we have all been hurt in one way or the other in this sagging economy.

I have opportunities to “go into all the world” piled up and can’t commit without some reasonable assurance I can actually afford to get there.

We have invitations to go to Scandinavia and Russia in the spring and if I can commit other countries will join in.

I hope I don’t have to talk in Christianese and quote some kind of flowery testimony to influence you. Why? Because you know our track record and you know exactly what I present to the masses. The Gospel and Hope and Peace are forever on our lips and in our hearts. God has provided access and invitations to many people groups and many countries. We are called and blessed.

What am I asking you to do?

Intervene on our behalf by giving generously and praying God will continue to deepen our Faith and compassion for those who are hurting.

Hope is a small word but the key to completeness.

Omega Arts, Inc is a 501 (3) c nonprofit. Your gifts are tax deductible.

You can donate securely online Omega Arts or send a check to:

Omega Arts, Inc
4987 Lakeland Harbor Blvd.
Lakeland, Fl 33805

Thank you for listening we welcome your intervention,

Larry Howard

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