Do you want to get paid for all this?

The check. Yes, the goal of the business. Getting paid. I was told once that there are three parts of the gig. Getting the gig. Working the gig. Collecting the check. It’s like three legs on a stool. All three need to be there or you have a problem. If you are a volunteer at […]

The difference between replaceable and invaluable

During my time with the last AV crew, I watched people come and go. Most of the people who stayed for any length of time fit into one of a few categories. People who worked cheap. People the owner felt obligated to keep. People that were absolutely invaluable. That’s pretty much it. We had our […]

Why is the soundcheck so important?

What do I mean about the art of the soundcheck? Well, there’s this old joke…. You can never cancel soundcheck, you can only postpone it until show time. Either you are working out the bugs and making your show perfect with an audience or without one. Most professionals prefer to do all that without the […]

Some news about one of my mentors

I have never posted anything like this on my blog, may never do it again. Don’t freak out. One of the men who took me under his wing and got me started in the production world is having problems. Larry Howard has been mentioned in my blog several times. He is one of the main […]

How do I get my big break into this business?

I got an email from a reader asking how to get started. I had to think about it for a while, hope this helps someone. I was drafted…. Several times. I wasn’t even trying to get into the business. I just found a world I wanted to be a part of. Someone told me once, […]

Stuff you should know about your first recording session

I recently had a very long conversation with a local artist. He is planning his first studio session and wanted to ask a few questions. I don’t think he was expecting what I had to say. What will it take to produce a legitimate album project? Well, that depends on several things. Unless you have […]

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