First post, credentials and other crap

I started a training guide for sound guys ( audio techs for the politically correct out there ) several years ago. It came from maybe a hundred training sessions with church sound guys. That framework became the foundation for this blog and my book.

I designed and installed a lot of Systems. Installed my first PA system in 1992, my last in 2010. Spent almost 10 years of that time on the road as a hired gun. Mixing and working for different people every day. Learned a lot during those years. Also graduated from in January of 1998. The same month we formerly opened “Soundmind” my production company. We operated it until the end of 2010. It became one of the necessary sacrifices to save the family. Part of my journey to becoming a better man.

My resume is ridiculous. Wrote and produced a stage production. Produced an independent film. Constructed several recording studios. Designed and installed about 100 systems for churches, schools and businesses. Travelled around the country with for about 5 years with Capitol AV and Prison Fellowship. Setup and ran concerts from 10 to over 1000 inmates in about 350 different prisons. Travelled another 6-7 years with Audio Visual Services in Macon, GA. Hired gun sound guy for hundreds of shows, concerts, fund raisers, political rallies, corporate events and RV shows.

Staff media director at church in Macon for four years. Independent contractor, sales, design, service and (briefly) staff at in Macon, GA.

Spent an insane amount of time working with Larry Howard and Omega Arts. Learned a lot of stuff from him. Great guy. He introduced me to more people and ideas about production than anyone.

I collected stage plots and riders from most of the shows I worked. Pretty nice collection. Lots of memories. Lots of great people out there. And some jerks.

Going to run this blog as a series of posts, about my adventures and education in the pro audio world. Welcome comments, corrections and other mindless ravings of fellow production monkeys. We will see how it turns out.
If you blog about similar stuff, contact me and we can share links.

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